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Rarely in the history of entertainment has there been an artist equally recognized, awarded and celebrated in front of the camera as well as behind the camera, as is Paula Abdul. Abdul’s extraordinary music career encompasses worldwide album sales exceeding 40 million records, two #1 Albums, six #1 Singles, a Grammy Award, seven MTV Awards, 3 American Music Awards, two Emmy Awards, two People ¹s Choice Awards and two Kid’s Choice Awards. She has also been honored with her very own Star on Hollywood Boulevard and inducted into Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Hall of Fame. Currently, Abdul is receiving acclaim as â€Å"the heart and soul† of the record-breaking primetime FOX show American Idol, for which she is a Celebrity judge. Abdul has even gone so far as to design inspirational â€Å"Innergy† good luck jewelry for the American Idol contestants, which they can occasionally be seen grasping for strength and inspiration during more stressful times on the popular high-stakes show. The jewelry became so popular, that Paula developed an entire jewelry line to make available for all men and women in America. Each piece represents the â€Å"Inner Energy† it takes to succeed. Paula’s jewelry is available at Sam’s Club and on her web site, Most recently, Paula has used her former dance and cheer career, along with her unique expression of style, to design her own lines of dance and cheer clothing called â€Å"Skirtz.† â€Å"Skirtz† serves as an inspiration for young girls and teens all over the country. Her clothing is available at Wal Mart stores. Behind the camera, Abdul is known as one of the most gifted and recognized choreographers in the industry of film, television, video, stage and live tours. Her celebrated work in choreography includes Emmy-winning contributions to The Tracey Ullman Show, She choreographed the film Coming toAmerica, which starred Eddie Murphy. Paula’s own performance as an artist on the American Music Award, and her choreography for the Academy Awards, for which she earned an Emmy nomination. Other triumphs include her award-winning work with Janet Jackson, which garnered two MTV Video Awards; and working with such musical legends as Aretha Franklin, George Michael, Luther Vandross, INXS, Heart and Prince.

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An exploration of the different types of love in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth night”

What does Shakespeare convey about the nature and variety of love in this play? Shakespeare explores a great variety of themes in this play, the main one being love and its many different natures. The aim of this essay is to examine the text to discover ways in which Shakespeare portrays love using characterisation and style. Orsino is the first character to speak in â€Å"Twelfth night†; his first words are â€Å"if music be the food of love play on†. The main part of his speech describing his love for Olivia is consists of refined and eloquent language, which seems to be used to impress rather than to express his feelings, he also talks more of love its self than Olivia which makes you doubtful of his sincerity: â€Å"O spirit of love, how quick and fresh thou art†Love Poem â€Å"Love thoughts lie rich when canopied with bowers† He also thinks himself to be â€Å"as all true lovers are† in that the love he feels for Olivia is so intense that it is painful: â€Å"And my desires like fell and cruel hounds, E'er since pursue me† He is also portrayed as inconsistent, in the first seven lines of the play he tires of the music, which had been played proclaiming that it, is â€Å"not so sweet now as it was before†. This also hints at the fact that when he possesses something he will lose interest in it. Orsino is Shakespeare's representation of the melancholy, he is a man who will worship a woman he does not know, and is often thought to be in love with the idea of love rather than Olivia herself. It also appears that Orsino is lacking in self confidence for two reasons; the first is that he does not woe Olivia himself and the second is his craving for Olivia to adore him and be obsessed by him: â€Å"When liver, brain, and heart, These sovereign thrones, are all supplied, and fill'd (Her sweet perfections), one self same king!† The next main character to appear is viola. Viola represents true love in two forms; the first is her love for her brother. Her sincere love seems to contrast Olivia's weeping and obsessive grieving for her lost brother. It also appears as if she almost feels obliged to morn him in this way, to keep his memory fresh; â€Å"A brother's dead love, which she would keep fresh And lasting, in her sad remembrance.† This suggests that the grief is in some way an act to attract respect and attention. The language used by Valentine to describe her, in that it is eloquent and ends in a rhyming couplet, echoes this. Viola is also shown as a true lover in her love for Orsino. She is willing to sacrifice her own happiness for his and attempts to woe Olivia for him. Any other character would have tried to sway Olivia against him for selfish reasons. â€Å"My lord and master love you. O such love Could be but recompensed, though you were crowned The nonpareil of beauty† The way in which she speaks to Olivia also reveals her true love, in that she describes how she would woe Olivia were she in Orsino's place. It expresses the way she feels about Orsino and proves her to be self-sacrificing because she will not tell him, and will try and win Olivia. â€Å"Make me a willow cabin at your gate, And call upon my soul within the house; Write loyal cantons of contemned love, And sing them aloud even in the dead of the night† She is also in a position to love Orsino sincerely as she knows him completely; â€Å"Thou know'st no less but all: I have unclasped To thee the book even of my secret soul† Another fact, which proves her love for him, is that she expresses her thoughts in soliloquies. This shows that she is not attempting to impress or influence any one in the manner in which she speaks or by the content; â€Å"I'll do my best To woo your lady. Yet a barful strife! Whoe'er I woo, myself would be his wife.† The next lovers to be encountered are Maria and Sir Toby. These two represent love between friends and also sexual love, lust. They seem to be brought together by similar pleasures, for example the love of playing tricks. In this sense their love is more true than Orsino's obsession with Olivia. Sir Andrew joins Maria and Sir Toby in the above scene. He is depicted as similar to Orsino in that he is an unrequited lover with little chance of attaining his desire. His love seems even less genuine as there is very little mention of his feelings for Olivia or even of him seeking her love. Olivia then enters the play and mentions love almost immediately when declaring to Malvolio that he is â€Å"sick of self love†. The self-love Olivia mentioned is shown as another kind of love and also as a means to insert comedy into the play. Because Malvolio is so proud he is gulled by Maria's trick and thus follows humorous circumstances. Olivia seems to be as inconstant a lover as Orsino in that she immediately comes out of mourning when Viola attempts to woo her. She also transfers her affections from Olivia to her brother without realising that they are not the same person. Antonio is similar to viola in his love for Sebastian. He is devoted to him and would do anything for him with out looking for recompense, for example he gives him his purse in case he wishes to buy a trinket or toy. In conclusion I feel that Shakespeare depicts the multiple natures of love very successfully through out the play and shows strong contrasts between them.

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Form of Government Essay - 2122 Words

Overview of the Issue Socialism is the social and economic theory that promotes the public control and ownership of property and natural resources. This socialist view claims that individual does not live and work in segregation and seeks collaboration with each other’s (Ball Dagger). Furthermore, government has power and right to exercise specific social and economic theory in the society. In other hands, government with a set of moral principles also has moral obligation towards every citizens for providing good governance. As a result, a guiding philosophy of government is subject to scrutinize in socialist government (, 2009). Government According to Merriam Webster, Government is an agency, machinery or†¦show more content†¦Ethics According to Merriam Webster, â€Å"ethics is a theory or system of moral values.† It is drawn from the philosophy and also a guiding philosophy. The method of ethical theory must correspond with good action and consider that it holds facts only for the most part. The study of ethics is done to progress human lives and thus the set of principle and values must comply with the environment of human well-being (Kraut, 2010). Additionally, the process of standardizing, guarding and advocating concept of right and wrong bearing is within the field of ethics. The contemporary school of thought views ethical theories into three spectrums: meta-ethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Meta-ethics spotlight on the issues of universality of truth or the absolute truth which may resembles the natural law. Normative ethics is about the determination of the moral course of actions which is to arrive at moral practical standard of task that police right or wrong deeds. Lastly, applied ethics involves probing of the moral outcomes in explicit controversial situations such as capital punishment, nuclear war, and environmental concerns etc. These are the conceptual tools of ethical judgment in ethical dilemmas (Fieser, 2009). Ethico-political Discussion Ethical foundation is guiding philosophy of any political believers who are the charge of the government. The quest is about the kind of life that is good for the every people. Most ofShow MoreRelatedForms of Government Essay1104 Words   |  5 Pages Many different forms of government have existed throughout civilization. Theocracy, dictatorships, democracy, and many others have all had periods of time where they reigned as the government of choice. Arguments could be made in favor of each form of government. The key to finding the most viable form of government is to consider this: which form of government provides the most stability for the state? The stability of the state is based upon the foundation of the government. Shaky foundationsRead MoreNo Perfect Form of Government Essay2014 Words   |  9 PagesThe struggle to create the perfect government has been prevalent throughout human history, and has resulted in significant turbulence and bloodshed for mankind. Despite thousands of years of progress, the challenge to find the ideal government was still prevalent during the Enlightenment period. During the 18th century, numerous philosophers developed various new ideas about how the ideal government should perform its duties. Philosophers like John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau, for example, conceivedRead MoreForms Of Government And Its Effect On National Identity980 Words   |  4 PagesASSIGNMENT 1: FORMS OF GOVERNMENT Each country has its own unique form of government that helps shape its national identity but experts identify at least nine forms of governments. These are Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Monarchy, Republic, Dictatorship, Totalitarianism, Anarchy and Tyranny. All the other types are just modifications and improvements of these nine so that they can be suitable for that particular country. Communism, according to Remy Melina, is that form of government where in theRead MoreDifferent Forms Of Government Treat Their Citizens2121 Words   |  9 PagesThe amount of power that a government should have within a country has been argued throughout history. A mutualistic relationship between a government and its people is clear in almost every society in the world, yet, the dominance one entity has over the other varies from case to case. The United States’ foundation is based upon the fact that the Government works for the people in which actual citizens take part in maintaining a fa ir, unified authority, but this modern democracy has many pros andRead MoreThomas Hobbes : The Best Form Of Government1771 Words   |  8 PagesHobbes, started out on with philosophy of political science while on his trips and visits to other countries outside of England to listen to other scientists and learn different forms of government. While studying, Thomas Hobbes wondered about why people were allowing themselves to be ruled and what would a great form of government for England. He reasoned that people were naturally wicked and shouldn’t be trusted to govern themselves because they were selfish creatures and would do anything to betterRead MoreThe Different Forms Of Government, Friendship, Trust, And Prosperity1482 Words   |  6 Pagessix different forms of government and the reason why some are better than others. Government was created not just for organization but so people can come together to form a community. A community works best when the governing only want well-being for the governed. Aquinas not only compares the different forms of government by showing their benefits and drawbacks, but also argues about the supremacy of a monarchy, and how it’s the best form of government. The purpose of government is to look outRead MoreWhat Form Of Government Would I Choose?1062 Words   |  5 PagesWhat Form of Government Would I Choose? How can anyone honestly say this is a form of Government I want? Throughout history, there have been many types of governments. How will mine be any different? Since the time of Adam and Eve being kicked out the Garden of Eden, man’s struggle to establish order, safety, and justice not only for himself, but his neighbor, as well. Also since about that time, some men have been forcing their will upon others. How do you choose a Government style? Let’s lookRead MoreThomas Hobbes Theory That Absolute Monarchy Is The Best Form Of Government1272 Words   |  6 Pagescynical views. Government represents the organized structure that controls man. In Leviathan, Thomas Hobbes advocates for an absolute monarchy to keep citizens well behaved because man is inherently self-interested. John Locke, on the other hand, depicts in Second Treatise of Government that a bipartite political society is the ideal form of government because we are in a state of nature and are free to do as w e please. Hobbes theory that absolute monarchy is the best form of government because manRead MoreGovernment : Forms Of Government Essay948 Words   |  4 PagesForms of Government Nigeria is a federal republic, with a presidential system of government which includes the three arms of government namely the executive, legislative, judiciary. The executive arm of government is found at both the federal and state level. The federal level consist of the president, the vice president and members of the executive council. At the state level, the executive arm consists of the governor, deputy governor and members of the executive council. The main function ofRead MoreDemocracy Is A Form Of Government1555 Words   |  7 Pagespeople of the United States decided they wanted a democratic form of government. A democracy is â€Å"a form of government in which the people rule themselves either directly or through freely elected representatives† (American Government Politics, pg. 5). Furthermore, a democracy is broken down into two more forms: a direct democracy and a representative democracy (also can be considered a republic). A direct democracy is a form of government, originally founded in ancient Greece, in which the people