Friday, December 6, 2019

Marketing and Color Shampoo free essay sample

This is a class project about marketing plan of new product launched by any company. This project is presented in the course Global Marketing which is offered in MBA. In this project we have to present new product idea and complete marketing plan regarding that new product. 1 Product idea should be new and should not be related with any existing product already launched in the market. If idea is related with any existing product then it must be advanced and much different with that product. pic] 2 My new idea is   under the brand name of SUNSILK and the parent company is Pakistan. 3 Introduction: 4 The new concept is color shampoo under the brand name of SUNSILK which is already famous all over the world. This is the advanced form of shampoos and new feature add up in the shampoo which is coloring hairs as well as removing dandruff and cleaning hairs. 5 Color shampoo is a shampoo which has ability to color your hair every time when you use it. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing and Color Shampoo or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It is available in different colors and when you use different color shampoo every time it works. Shampoo has ability to clean your hair and remove dandruff but new SUNSILK color shampoo is not for removing dandruff or cleaning hairs but make hairs colorful.   shampoo is alternative of hair color tonic and it works simply. Just apply on your hairs like ordinary shampoo and feel your hair colorful. 7 2 UNILEVER Marketing Objectives: 3 Increase sales Every company has primary marketing objective and that is increase of its sales. Company is made for earning profit and with the help or maximizing sales high profit can be achieved. 4 Increase market share When you try to increase sales actually you try to find your new customers and increase your customer leads. It means you try to maximize your market share. 5 Expand into overseas’ markets 1 Unilever has marketing objective is to expand into overseas market. Unilever always try to operate in different countries. 6 Be socially responsible i. e. ethical 1 Being a part or society Unilever has objective to be responsible social ly . e. ethical. Ethics and common social values must be considered in Unilever’s marketing policies.

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