Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Swot Analysis Of Retronics, A Software Engineering Firm Essay

Background Information History Retronics, a software engineering firm located in Silicon Valley, was founded in 1990s. Many internet-based companies were founded at that period since a new economic sector grew up and it attracted many investors. With the new economic sector and its privileged geographic location, Retronics could easily attract a tremendous amount of capital funding and investments, as well as a long list of big clients. Owing to the high interest rate, many people invested in the dot-com companies and their stock prices had risen sharply. The bubble burst when it hit the peak. Millions of investors and companies suffered from the dot-com bubble. Retronics, one of the suffering companies, had to lay off employees for survival in the extreme environment. In 2003, the board of director fired the founder of Retronics and hired George Latour, who was experienced in enterprise-scale systems and operations as the new CEO. Development George had brought in new investments for the company after his inauguration. After 16 months, the company’s revenue did not reach a satisfying level and the market share started to decline as competitions became more intense. George was very nervous and worried about the figures and he had no ideas of how to change the company’s fortune. On the other hand, Shelley Stern, the marketing director came into the company by the way of the chairman, Pete Dmitrijevich. George was asked by Pete to train and coach her since she had great

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