Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Catcher in the Rye Essay

Holden, the main typesetters case of the book Catcher in the rye whisky by J.D Salinger, had to face m either conflicts during the story. These conflicts wed to him either by secondary use or by himself. Not lonesome(prenominal) do this conflicts affect Holden, entirely if affects the state around him as well. Holdens military position became negative because of all the conflicts he faced.The initiatory thing youll probably ask is where I was born and how my lousy childhood was wish. During his childhood, he was alone with no contiguous friends or family. This affected him because he matte excluded from the society. It also do him feel want he didnt have any confine so that made him go to the city by himself and get into trouble. He didnt get any support from anyone so he wasnt told what was pervert and what was right, that was why he smoked and drank. withal since he didnt have a family who supported him so he never took the school seriously. He was kicked out of q uatern schools because of his injurious grades. (Evidence found in Pg. 1)I slept in the garage the night he died, and I broke all the damn windows with my fist, just for the hell of it. Allies termination affected him mentally. It made him very no-account at the moment but subsequently a time it made him difficult-hitting and anti-social. (Evidence found in Chapter 5)He criticized everyone. He calls everyone a phony. Thinks other people are followers and are only tricking themselves. So he wants to rebel against the society because theyre making everyone a phony. This attitude made him see everyone in a bad way which made it very unmanageable for him to make friends. (Evidence found all everywhere the book)He has a self-importance vs. Self battle throughout the whole book. He wants to be the same person but he doesnt realize hes changing. He likes the museum because it never changes. genius part of him wants to be an adult (he drinks and smokes and constantly thinks of s ex) while to other part of him rejects it rejects it as a phony.So as you bum see, all these conflicts led to his bad, negative attitude. He became aggressive, rebel, and excluded. It also made him problematic and hard to understand. The conflicts implemented some psychological problems on Holden by making him increase his pursuance in alcohol and drugs.

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