Sunday, September 8, 2019

Informational Interview Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Informational Interview - Research Paper Example Upon graduating, she began her current role with her current employer after completing her internship with them as a web designer for company clients. Her current role involves the development of the company’s website and sub-sites. For this, she uses a combination of software including Drupla, Editplus, phpBB and Photoshop. She usually works independently but liaises with the company CEO and sales and marketing departments for website information regarding new content, information, customer information, target audiences and news. The interviewee believes that her educational programme helped greatly in preparation for her current role. She administers that attention to detail, creativity and technical proficiency are important skills for web designers. She is concerned by the current climate of the profession regarding the popularity and availability of accessible web-design software, however, she admits that effective web design of larger or complex sites can only be achieved by trained and skilled web designers. The following are some examples of the questions and answers given during the interview. â€Å"No, I wasn’t always interested in Web Design. I was always interested in the web itself and computers in general. I first became interested in web design when I took the web design module in my first year in college.† â€Å"I created a substantial web site for my third year project and again for my final year project......My project work definitely helped me with my career in web design. I also had an internship called INTRA during my third year of college. This also helped a lot with gaining experience in web design, and also gave me my job today.† â€Å"A typical day for me would be to come in at 9 o clock. Check emails. Email the CEO of the company and ask for any news and updates for the website†¦ Check that the website is working correctly and make any necessary changes†¦Add in any news or updates. Make changes†¦ Only yesterday I

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