Monday, September 23, 2019

Summary and Critical Analysis Marketing and Business Development Essay

Summary and Critical Analysis Marketing and Business Development - Essay Example Process: The author described the process as a two way communication between the buyer and seller, which if remain successful and satisfying to the buyer leads to agreement between the parties for rendering services. The author also described Negotiation and provide suggestion for reaching to a win-win solution. The author further subdivided this process in the following divisions: The Buyer Decision making Process: After presentation and other presales activities grant the buyer necessary time for decision making as they have to think about the alternatives and make price benefit analysis. Do not stress the buyers by making numerous and do never let them think that you are begging for the sale of your services. Buyer Demographic: The author also provided guidance about the buyers by categorizing them in Four generations, the mature, the baby boomers, generation X and generation Y describing their characteristics for their understanding. Features and Benefits: As sample of services cannot be provided to the clients for inspection. The tool that is available to interior designers is to describe the features of their services and the benefits that can be obtained from rendering of their services tactfully for obtaining successful sale agreements. Critical Analysis of the Chapter: The author provided suggestions and explanations but limited them to interior design service only. Some suggestions provided are not cost effective and targeted (cold calling) and some could be considered illegal (e-mails). The suggestions provided are somehow for ideal conditions. The ideas given in the chapter lack sequencing. There basis for buyer demographic is vague. In previous chapter total sales process were discussed and suggestion were provided on each item in the process. The most important part in that process was presentation to the potential client which itself is another process and a decisive factor for the both the buyer and seller of services. Therefore the author

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