Saturday, September 7, 2019

Self-evaluation (Telecommuting will be the new way that jobs are Essay

Self-evaluation (Telecommuting will be the new way that jobs are performed in the next ten years. Introduction ) - Essay Example This can act as detrimental to a section of people are not well educated or skilled to perform any other kind of jobs. (Piskurich, 2008, p.27) Another argument presented by this paper is that telecommuting can provide an employee the added advantage of selecting his/her own working environment and this can have both economic and social benefits. However, there is also a down side because it becomes the responsibility of the employee to pay the bills of electricity and heat of his own working environment and in most companies the employees are not reimbursed for these aspects. (Piskurich, 2008, p.22) The paper puts forward a third argument that telecommuting provides the employee the advantage of working from home. This can help the employee to spend more time with the family thus promoting family values and developing stronger family relations. However, this can be disadvantageous for the supervisors whose primary responsibility is to monitor the efficiency and productivity of their supervisees. The supervisors do not feel comfortable because they cannot physically see their supervisees on daily basis. If the supervision is done badly then telecommuting can further reduce its effectiveness, however it can increase supervision that is done well. There is also the problem of jealousy from colleagues as many people feel that telecommuters do not work in all working hours at home. There may be others who cannot take up telecommuting because of their nature of work. All these can arouse jealousy from colleagues. This working from home facility can have an added disadvantage for thos e companies which regularly face crisis as it causes lack of flexibility. In case of emergency when holding a meeting is required it becomes extremely difficult to bring all the employees together if majority of them work from home. Therefore telecommuting as a way of job is

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