Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Big dig Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Big dig - Essay Example o leave a gift for my future relatives in a form of buried treasure, I decided to choose such a gift for them which will not only give a solution to their financial worries but will also give them a spiritual and emotional fulfillment in life. The item that I have chosen to bury is a book called â€Å"The One Minute Guide To Prosperity And Enlightenment† by Sri Siva. This book is available on amazon.com. The price of the brand new book is $11.14. Looking at the price, one might think that the book is not of much value and hence, has lower price compared to the popular blockbuster novels, which are usually priced above $15. However, the price of this book has nothing to do with its value. This book is valuable not because of its entertainment element but because of the treasure of knowledge hidden in every word of this book. The price of the book should be ignored and the value should be understood. I was aware that 200 years from now, one of my relatives is going to dig the place which is my backyard now and as a token of love and blessing, I wanted to bury a gift which should be of immense value even at the time it is going to be found. I chose the book â€Å"The One Minute Guide To Prosperity And Enlightenment† by Sri Siva to bury in my backyard (â€Å"The One Minute .†, n.d.). This book has all the qualities that I was looking for in the gift that I wanted to leave for my future relatives. The reasons for which I chose this book as a gift are as follows: When I was given an opportunity to bury a special gift for my future relatives, I was very excited and tense at the same time. I have realized that wealth is not the only solution to financial problems. For example, doing a business or a job that does not give you pleasure leads to unhappiness. If a person does a job not because he likes it but only because that particular job pays well and takes care of the material desires, then doing that job leads to unhappiness. What is necessary is the wealth that comes

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