Thursday, August 8, 2019

Clinical diversity analysis on a nursing subject Essay

Clinical diversity analysis on a nursing subject - Essay Example With this in mind, it is necessary that nursing students equip themselves both theoretically and in practice. A nurse must be thorough in all aspects of health care because a patient’s recovery rests on their hands. In the field of nursing, care has its provisions in various settings; it mainly depends on the convenience of the patient and the availability of resources with the inclusion of the population demand. This paper is centred on reflection in consideration to my learning experiences as the semester comes to a close. The purpose of reflecting is to identify how far I have come in as far as training and knowledge in this chosen field is concerned. There are difficulties and obstacles I have had to overcome for me to pass the qualification necessary to proceed with my training. This paper will be looking into reflection upon the topic; what learning and practice experiences did I expect before embarking on my second year? What was the outcome of the topic, learning and practice? The paper will also feature the various challenges and barriers faced during the course of the semester as well as the outcome of such adversity; how does such challenges influence my continuing professional development as I pass on to the next year of training and in my nursing career in general? During the semester, the lecturer involved the students in rigorous learning activities in a bid to make the learning experience enjoyable and friendlier to the students. For instance, the lecturer made use of tutorials which were made available to the students. Tutorials were a great way of giving the students a chance to learn on their own. When students learn on their own they develop a better understanding of the patient. Additionally it challenges the student to think harder while also giving an opportunity for the student to conduct research on the given topic to enhance

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