Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What Is Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

What Is Philosophy - Essay Example I think the knowledge of everything depends on the extent of knowledge that we have about that thing. For example, we believe in God because we experience His involvement in every matter of our lives, as well as in what is beyond our imagination. The basis for knowledge is experience. A person learns from what he/she experiences. I think not all knowledge is subjective and there exist a number of universal truths. The relationship between faith and reason is obvious. We develop faith in someone when we experience something good from that’s person. That experience becomes the reason for developing faith in that person. If we talk about artificial intelligence, we can say that it builds upon the knowledge of humans. I would say that human understanding has some limit because a person understands maximum the level his mind allows him. I think the right thing to do is what benefits us and the people around us. A good person is one who values others and takes decisions that do not produce any harm for any other person. A good person to me is also the one who maintains good social relationships with others and provides support to the people in need. I think virtue always leads to happiness. Virtue is an asset and a good asset always produces something good. A virtuous action benefits everyone and puts a long-term positive impact on the whole society. â€Å"Like everything else morality is a man made concept, therefore it is not real† (An, 2009).

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