Thursday, August 8, 2019

"favourite university experience moment to date" Essay

"favourite university experience moment to date" - Essay Example one written by Socrates and the other one he had written in the late 1990s and the essence of liberties and inner human understanding (Alder et al 134). I produced my notebook and pen and started to write important points that came from him. One of the enduring lessons he told us during the lecture was that the inner self was an integral component of human existence that would lead us everywhere. Prof. Gregory advised the class to always strive for internal motivation when pursuing all human endeavours such as career and love. I always consider the most favourite because after that, I started working on a project of book writing that I had always postponed for a long time. Additionally, I started believing in myself because he told the class self-confidence and self-esteem were vital instruments of excellence in the world. Before he left, he posed to the class: who does not want to be

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