Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What is meant by effective career management and planning and who is Essay - 2

What is meant by effective career management and planning and who is responsible for this Illustrate your answer by referring to relevant literature, theory and experience - Essay Example In building up a career several important aspects have to considered. In other words the career has to be effectively managed by an individual himself. He has to look for opportunities which would lead him to the top position. In business terms it is also the organization for which the individual is working for. Nowadays as the businesses have reached their top position it can analyzed that careers revolve around the work related activities. In order to manage a career it is important that several aspects are considered (Rosemary 2005; Arnold 1997). Effective career management is when the person handles his career well to reach the top position. The realms of career management revolve around the work that they are into. Previously the employees looked for opportunities where they could progress their career and secure their job. However in the recent years it is seen that this concept has shifted towards a new category of expectance. The transactional contract has taken up the position of the old view as the employees now look forward to a better quality of life from their employer along with progression to better positions. In other words the new concept has begin to move more towards career management. Individuals nowadays are striving to achieve top positions and not making themselves loyal to a single organization. Herriot & Pemberton (1995) give an excellent review of this current situation by terming it an economic exchange between the employer and the employee. Both the employer and employee are working for their persona l benefits and the integration has now become horizontal along with the previous approach of vertical. It depends on both the employees and employers to achieve a sustainable contract so that the individual can achieve success in his career. In order to manage career effectively the employees nowadays are looking forwards to the concept of Herriot & Pemberton (1995). They are moving towards a revolutionary era of ‘careerism’. By

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