Sunday, August 25, 2019

Enhancment of professional development and safe practice Essay

Enhancment of professional development and safe practice - Essay Example as an individual and a professional but the wider implications of having a mission in life, are much more meaningful and have widespread influence on his life. Reflection practices therefore, become important tool of self improvement. To facilitate personal and professional growth, it is not only essential to have identified goals but acquiring new knowledge and skills to improve professional expertise has also become a pre-requisite of the changing times. Reflective practices and exercise are important tools that are designed to add value to the over all personality of the so that they would be better able to meet the challenges of the time with equanimity and confidence. The art of effective communication is one of the most important ingredients of leadership. Reflective practices help to identify our shortcoming and promote wider understanding of the various methodologies to become more articulate and become familiar with the emerging new paradigms in the social dynamics. The reflective practices encourage confidence building so that they are better prepared to tackle critical situations and meet the challenges with more conviction and composure. It entails six steps of self evaluation practice for teaching and learning process that promotes personal and professional growth (Gibbs, 1988). The different steps are designed to provide an in-depth reflection on our actions that encourages us to look at our actions from the perspective of third person so that they (actions) could be evaluated and analyzed. The self analysis thus persuades one to improve and improvise our actions so that our performance outcome is improved, leading to professional growth with safe practice for oneself and others. This is the first step on Gibbs cycle and takes a look into one’s actions within the predefined situation. What happened? The whole episode that needs reflection is sequentially focused and all the facts as they happened are taken into account or recollected. This step

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