Friday, October 18, 2019

Disability and Economic Change in Africa Research Paper

Disability and Economic Change in Africa - Research Paper Example The analysis is from poverty and being employed to economic responsibility and social participation. According to statistics, 2 persons in 20 are disabled and most live in the upcoming countries. The World Bank also, estimates that 1 in 6 is the poorest. Poverty and disability are closely related directly and inversely, they are causes and consequences of the other. Households subjected to poverty are exposed to disabling situations by lack of diet, little access to medical health care, vulnerability and high chances of accidents. It has a great capacity to destroy the lives of the disabled and burden their families (Ashgate, 698). In this study, the aim is to show the variation of income of homes with and without disabilities. Households with members who are impaired are grouped as the affected households and the others, unaffected households. The research showed that about 300 of 5000 selected households had one or more impaired person, relatively poor. Despite these challenges, there is ignorance concerning the economic importance of focusing on the growth and development of people with disabilities and their supporters. In the country, the source of income is in the agricultural sector therefore, the employment level is very low. The supply is lower than the job demand and the non-disabled are the only employed (Ashgate,712). The marginal farmers do not hire workers rather they depend fully on their physical strengths thus, the impaired have catastrophic consequences. Only males are employed in large number and females left to care for their disabled, so the loss of income by the men results in the high amount of debts (Ashgate, 722). The level of unemployment leads to poor living standards of the family members.

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