Thursday, October 17, 2019

Does the Christan salvesen's sickness absence management policy meet Essay

Does the Christan salvesen's sickness absence management policy meet its obligations under the DDA' - Essay Example The inter-war years were tough but Salvesen sold a large number of ships and rode out the difficult period. When the post-war whaling boom ended, Salvesen scaled down its involvement and ended its interest. Looking for new growth areas, an experiment with a revolutionary trawler to freeze fish while still at sea led to the purchase of the company's first cold store in Grimsby in 1958, a move that coincided with the birth of the frozen food industry in the UK. The firm's fledgling distribution operations grew as customers requested transport for their frozen produce. The business continued to diversify its operations, moving into food freezing facilities, house building and the offshore oil industry in the early 1970s. Salvesen began to concentrate its activities in the Food Services division, opening cold stores, expanding food processing facilities and winning a major frozen food distribution contract for UK retailer Marks & Spencer. The business grew with the acquisition of Merchants Refrigerating Company in the USA in 1981 and the generator rental company Aggreko in 1984. Aggreko was a success in the 1980s, opening UK depots, growing French operations and expanding into the USA with the acquisition of Electric Rental Systems. ... Salvesen built up its presence in the frozen food sector in mainland Europe with operations in five countries. In 1995 it also acquired a stake in a German industrial logistics business called Wohlfarth. In September 1997 Christian Salvesen decided to concentrate on its core logistics divisions and diverged Aggreko. Since then Christian Salvesen has built up a blue chip client base, developing partnerships with retailers and manufacturers and targeting markets in mainland Europe. In recent years, Salvesen acquired Industrial logistics businesses in Spain, Germany and France. It has since sold both its food and industrial operations in Germany. It is focused on further expansion of its geographic footprint in Europe and developing an integrated European offering of in-market, shared-use networks. Today, Salvesen has operations in seven countries: Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and the UK. Its chosen market segments are Industrial, Food and Consumer products and it specialises in the strategic management of the outsourced supply chain. These operations are supported by advanced, proprietary ICT systems. The DDA Policy: The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) covers all UK businesses. The DDA is a UK parliamentary act of 1995, which makes it unlawful for service provider to discriminate against people in respect of their disabilities in relation to employment, the provision of goods and services, education and transport. It is a civil rights law. Other countries use constitutional, social rights or criminal law to make similar provisions. Employment Discrimination laws seek to prevent discrimination based on race, sex, religion,

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