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Organization behavoir Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Organization behavoir - Essay Example Organizational behavior in an organization develops over the years of the existence of the organization and is closely linked to what is referred to as organizational culture. Managing organization behavior is a relatively complex process in normal situations, especially if a major change occurs like mergers and acquisitions or other important structural or managerial changes within an organization. There have been many studies and researches on the importance of managing various types of organizational behavior (in various situations) within an organization and studies have clearly pinpointed the relation between organizational behavior, and leadership styles of managers. This paper seeks to explore the various factors associated with organizational behavior with special reference to managing OB in the BAPCO (the Bahrain Petroleum Company). The paper also tries to through light on the link between organizational management and organizational behavior. The paper will argue that a man ger requires certain personality traits and should follow the most appropriate leadership styles in various situations to manage organizational behavior effectively. A Brief Overview of BAPCO and Organizational Behavior: BAPCO is one of the major companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the only of its business like, which is the petroleum refining. It was established in 1929 and continues producing a wide range of petroleum products even today. It was jointly owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain and Caltex till 1997, when its full ownership was transferred to the government. BAPCO participate largely in the economy of Bahrain and it employs around 3,000 employees distributed between upstream, the oil production, and downstream, the oil refining. BAPCO is a vibrant and energetic company playing a key role in the development of young Bahrainis. The strategic vision of the company is as follows – â€Å"To manage and operate an integrated oil and gas business, supplying crude oil, pe troleum products and gas to the international and local markets, to create value for our shareholders, customers and employees† (The Bahrain Petroleum Company: Strategic objectives). Training in craft and technical skills has been at the centre of the activities and the Two year programmer, which concluded in May 2008, fulfilled the company vision of creating a pool of talented Bahraini technicians to meet the ever-growing needs of the local industries. Developing young graduates to become the manager of the future has been a pressing concern for the company. BAPCO also supports other major leadership and mentoring programmers, such as the prestigious Crown Prince international scholarship programmer, by providing funding for scholarship, mentors and on the job training opportunities. BAPCO has always shown a strong relationship with its employees through the trade union, and overall spirit of cooperation and this harmony has resulted in constructive resolution of individual a nd companywide issues through regular negotiation meeting. However, there is currently an increased tendency among the PMD (Plant Maintenance employees) to request transfer to other divisions such as ED (Engineering Department) and this has proved to be a major challenge for the general manager of BAPCO to manager this organizational behavior. Organizational behavior: Organizational behavior and culture in organizations are interrelated. Culture in

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