Thursday, October 31, 2019

Human Resource- Succession Planning & Strategic International HRM Essay

Human Resource- Succession Planning & Strategic International HRM - Essay Example Soft competencies, is what the organization needs to focus on. Because of the highly volatile business environment, skill needs change rapidly, making it imperative to focus on soft competencies. Employees should be evaluated based on their capabilities to solve complex issues. The company should focus on long-term succession planning so that any emergency replacements are automatically taken care of. Competencies are groups of related behaviors essential for successful performance. Because of the global operations, the organization needs managers competent with general mobility skills and knowledge. This would ensure managers are effective in group processes, possess the necessary communication skills and are ready to adapt to the changing business needs and environment. Other general competencies that would facilitate success in the global economy include the ability to build a cohesive team and the competency to encourage and motivate employees to accept change. This requires developing a talent management culture within the organization so that talent when recognized should immediately be tapped, trained and developed. Talent management should best be left to the HR personnel as they are professionals and are aware of the benefits and pitfalls of succession planning. They are better positioned to identify gaps between current competencies and those that may be required in the future. To identify talent gaps, more sophisticated rating system should be used. Once high-potential employees have been identified they should be provided with developmental opportunities and experiences. This is strategic replacement strategy where formal identification follows training of successors. In addition, comprehensive job profiles for managerial position would attract the right candidates. The organization should also focus on rewarding loyal and hardworking individuals as this serves to enhance

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