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Human resource dimensions and environmental management Research Paper

Human resource dimensions and environmental management - Research Paper Example One element which has broadened the scope of human resources dimensions in business is the amalgamation of corporate social responsibility of businesses towards community, stakeholders, environment, economy and both the internal and external surroundings. Keeping the ethical stance of businesses in mind, human resources now assume greater responsibilities as to foster an environment of trust, ethics, beliefs, norms and values which encourage employees and people involved to go for business practices which are favorable towards the conservation of environment and communities of practice (Jerry 1997). Topic area In achieving the corporate social responsibility objectives, major thrust is placed upon the talent, skills, competencies and abilities of human resources. This is because CSR is a triple bottom line (Economic, social and environmental) and exercising control over CSR initiatives need cooperation, employee involvement, professionalism and alignment between the values of organiz ation and employees (Preuss, Haunschild & Matten 2009). Organizational growth has been long associated with corporate culture and a value system of an organization whereby aspirations and commitments of employees are integrated and attached with that of organization’s sustainability and environmental obligations, both local and global (Chung et al. 2008). Functions of human resources management like recruitment, training and development (Campbell 1990), compensation, employee engagement, retention, promotion, appraisal and others define the way and roadmap of how an organization intends to comply with its CSR initiatives. The nexus of CSR and HRM dimensions has gained immense popularity and strategic attention in business world because HRM is considered to be the driving force behind proper CSR initiatives planning and implementation (Inyang, Awa & Enuoh 2011). This forms the basis of this research whereby connections and linkages between CSR and HRM will be studied in detail and insights developed as to how HRM could serve as the framework for applying CSR principles in an organization (Melynyte & Ruzevicius 2008) (Figure 1 below). Figure 1 Research question The research in particular attempts to identify the role of HRM dimensions in CSR initiatives of an organization. Organizations are generally associated with perpetual existence. However, this research will specifically try to analyze the bonding between CSR, sustainability and HRM dimensions in case of major sports and cultural events like Commonwealth Games and Olympics. This is chosen because in the case of organizations, long term planning is involved and concerns and CSR issues can be taken care of appropriately. However, in the planning and delivery of such colossal events, temporary completion and success often leads to ignorance of CSR objectives and management authorities generally deviate from their ethical stance and become the target of much criticism (Jackson and Selivler 1990). As suc h, the research seeks to address the following questions: 1. What HRM practices are generally adopted while planning from events such as Olympics, World Cups and Commonwealth games? 2. How the element of sustainability is incorporated and implemented in planning and delivering such events? 3. What is the role of human resource dimensions in exercising full control over the CSR initiatives of management authorities of these events? 4. How improvements or alterations in human resource di

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