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Personal experience at Real Estate Development and Investment Essay Example for Free

Personal experience at Real Estate Development and Investment Essay It was either to be a blessing or cursing. I had just come from the university as a fresh graduate. Job insecurity is a thing that sends chills of tremor down the spine of each graduate. Thank goodness this never happened with me but a new challenge was ahead. The firm which I was operating was quite meticulous in its activities; was I to be their down fall as an omen of failure. No certainly I must work breath out of me to sustain or even improve if there was anything to improve. The workplace was the carrot to reward my personal and professional development or a cane to spank my etiquettes. This was what I was up to when I joined the Real Estate Development and Investment, in Chicago. In customer care office, there were new and old problems which were brought to our attention by the clients. This is when I recognized the question which was posed to me during the interview. The question was what I would do if the length of my tie varies interchangeably during the course of wearing it. Certainly here I was dealing with two anti-parallel problems brought forward by the clients. There were those who wanted new residential houses while there were those in pursuit of selling their houses. With time, I believed that my solid performance would improve. I remember the day a client came complaining we have delayed to find a potential buyer of her house. The lady was pugnant and cantankerous in her behavior. Not a single answer she would hear. I was perplexed because I was new and such an answer would only be averting from attending her problems. Certainly, customers are kings and should be attended to regardless on who first dealt with him/her. After all will s/he have to go home and wait till who attended him/her come? No this would be suicidal to the business. So here I was juxtaposed between a rock and a hard place. The information which I had acquainted myself with was the only arrow in the quiver. Now I had to give an answer for unfamiliar situations and conclusion on the problem raised by the client. To start with I answered that there was already a willing buyer but what he was offering was meager amount and thus we never saw the need to inform her. This was after realizing from her pass that the lady came from California. It was plausible that the house was in Chicago and not California and apparently the cheapest house was selling at $ 210,000. Therefore, by excusing the house was bargained at $ 110,000, the lady will accept that certainly this was cheap and not worth to inform her of such a buyer. Luckily, it turned that what I had said was the case although I had not dome an empirical enquiry on what had happened. Form this is learnt that it’s appropriate to give wrong information than no answer to the client as it would appear rude. Barely a week was not over and there was a crisis. The manager who assisted me to secure the placement at Real Estate Investment Development was linked to a corruption scandal in the organization. So bad for those were affiliated to him. The company decided to pay them prior to sacking them. I merely escaped the crack of whip which was lashing over the innocent and those assumed to be guilty. It was a hectic time trying to convince the management that I was not involved in the graft. Were it not for the quality work that I was delivering to the customers, I would have disappeared together with the rest. The customers complained bitterly of losing an agile and kindhearted official. Besides, everything I did was in accordance to the stipulated rules of the company. Other worker also considered me friendly and my latency was shown through teamwork. Jackson, whenever we meet considers that I came to replace him; therefore it was better not to have considered my request. However, we find ourselves laughing at the idea it was like a substitution reaction which we had earlier learnt in organic chemistry. The firm was behaving like alkanes; it functions by substituting what it previously had. The week days were exceptionally busy for me. I had to equip myself with the current changes in business trends. Changes that are inevitably setting in with advent of technologies were eyesore to the conservatives but an impetus to the radical. At lunch break, fifteen minutes I would spare to browse in the internet and peruse on books so as to keep abreast with changes taking place. My food I would take as if I was in a food eating competition. Two to three spoons were enough to summarize the heap of food lying before me. It was quite symbolical that for any firm to succeed must seize the opportunities as they come just as I was gulping at the food. In the afternoon long queues of people I would find awaiting me as if I was God and on mission to rescue them from Satan. In this case the Satan was financial issues. It was crystal clear that less time was required for each client and at the same time ensuring that a comprehensive and satisfactory answer is given. Most clients were eager to know the factors which they should put into consideration while investing in real estates. Though the factors appear to be obvious, I had to put them in a way they appear new to the client’s ear. To start with, I would give a preamble of what a good investment would include while enlisting the factors to consider. Through this short encounter with customers, there was what I would call ‘resonance transfer of information’. I would make sure the client and I resonate at the same frequency and phase. Anything beyond my scope I would simply seek the information over it for the customers. Real Estate Investment Development was like the components of the table salt how they complement each other. During the course of my internship, I was also experienced the leadership vacuum which arose after summary dismissal of my friend. Jackson even though he had a lot of wiles which led him to rub the management the wrong side; he had the potential to handle any difficulties which emerged. For example, there was no one who was directly responsible for the transactions of the business. The Real Investment Development was using other firms to do their advertisement and the profit leapt was divided according to the proportion of their contribution. The number of new customers dwindled since they feared joining a corporation where you don’t know who is really in control. Collective responsibility cannot fully be trusted since there vices such as sabotage still exist. Attempts to increase the number of directors only increased the cost of management and had little change if any. At Real Estate Investment Development, the number of ladies was more than the number of gentlemen. This though was not meant to be a problem turned out to be a problem. A competition arose among the ladies over men. The dressing code was the most affected. The skirts were shortened by quite a large number. Some were the length of a bow-tie and others were as transparent as a crystal. As if this was not the only problem, the shoes were irritating to the ears as they tried to attract the attention of the men. It was a wake up call of sort, trying to wake men from the cocoon of fleeing form ladies for lack of wooing words. The administration tried to address the problem of Lorita but this never changed the situation. Moreover, the number of absentees increased due to feministic issues which are inevitable. At first I thought the problem was not to affect me. My belief is that a seed needs decomposing materials to germinate. In this case, I was the germinating seed and the ladies the decomposing materials. In the office I was located at the corner at the desk and a lady was located opposite to my desk. This is where the drama started. The way she sat was embarrassing. Thighs ajar and a finger placidly put between the slit on her skimpy dress. This sometimes made my brain go blank as I found myself carried into nitty gritty of even knowing the weekly series of her knickers. This lass was quite provocative besides teasing her wanton eyes and leg theatrics as a seductress lady. At one time she made the boss to suspect there was a beef as she was mostly found reeling on my desk with her merely chest protruding forward. The last experience which I cannot forget was the amount of work. The work was quite exhausting. The number of clients attended to were quite many and the number of staff was a few. All days we were busy searching from the internet for information, replying some emails from clients or discussing with the clients in the office. Within a month my weigh had decreased by two kilograms the exact figure stipulated by physician for the AIDS sufferers. In fact I had to be examined to know my status.

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