Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Do Managers Need to Develop Concrete Skills in the Political Analysis Essay

Do Managers Need to Develop Concrete Skills in the Political Analysis of Organizations - Essay Example As the discussion outlines the political analysis of the organization literally dissects the different mechanisms through which it takes care of the deliverables that essentially emanate from the organizational stronghold, and for the sake of the common men and women on the street. The managers need to find the best possible ways through which they can present the alleviated stance of the organization. This is done so that the organization understands the needs and requirements of the public, for which it exists in essence. The managers act as the representatives of the organization and hence the face of its varied business entities. Whatever these managers do in the long run signifies the very basis of growth and development, for the sake of the organization. The company’s political position is thus dependent on the way these managers present the real picture as well as give a charter for the things to shape up in the future. This paper discusses the implications of the manag ers as they develop the required skills within the political analyses of the organizational values and principles. From this paper, it is clear that first it is found out as to why the political analysis of the organization is deemed as significant in the time and age of today. The reason for this is that the political analysis gives a good measure of the strengths that exist within the organization and the opportunities that it could touch upon in the future. It can also establish its very basis within the industrial domains and tell the relevant players in the industry that this organization means business just like them. It can easily outline the areas where the organization wishes to emphasize these strengths and create the much-needed difference. So basically what this political analysis does is to create a clear-cut basis for the organization, both from a short-term perspective as well as in the long run scheme of things.

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